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Façon - Proudly made in Pakistan

Façon is a growing fashion brand based in Pakistan. We are currently selling our first product, fabric face masks. Being a brand, which evolved during the new normal, we take pride in innovating and adapting to the fashion requirements of the modern customer.Façon is a French word which finds its roots in the meaning of fashion. Hence, we aspire to make Façon the most favorite fashion brand of the Pakistani youth.

Façon is led by a team of creative and passionate individuals and we are constantly striving to bring you the best of everything.Façon has been already worn by thousands of people, not just in Pakistan but, across the globe. This includes; our valuable customers, celebrities, influencers and artists.

At Façon, we constantly strive to provide an optimum level of customer service. So far, more than 90% of the reviews we received have been positive.

Please stay with us as we grow and evolve over time.

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